Thursday, April 12, 2012

Reasons Why Perfect Research Is Nearly Impossible

Analysis is a trip of obtaining more information to determine what we already know.

Mankind has always inquisitive almost on everything under the sun. Therefore we need to fulfill the craving for food to engage in the unidentified. One may perspective it as a ongoing pursuit to project from the known to the unidentified. Collecting all we have already found, and going through a procedure of looking again, amounts up the concept of research according to a basic meaning. It is a never-ending procedure that goes side in side along Mankind's lifestyle. Thus, it is generously obvious that research can never be perfect. The concept of 'perfection' will level an end to Person's project for any clean information. It is then apparent that one can never endure without self-improvement, and this situation is almost difficult to modern community. There will be no development in this world if no new information is rejuvenated every now and then.

Inventions, technological innovation enhancements, medical technological innovation development and perceptive development of man will all come to an end, where the destruction is permanent and eventually may cause to devastation community. It is nearly difficult to arrive at a state of excellence in performing research simple because it will level the end of a next possible research. Being partial in this situation does have its benefits. This allows to create new efforts and extension of seeking information. Thus, the deficiency of getting excellence in every research reveals gates for the next, and so the pattern goes circular in a considerable concept.

Now we all know for a fact that no one is perfect. No man can announce he or she is perfect. At the most, we can only claim that we are always trying excellence. So does the trip of studying. The partial man does his research carefully, finishes his research. Sensation pleased that he had found and achieves the research for his perfect level, he leaves, making a actual space of hidden information to the next individual. So the second man comes in soon after, and carries on the trip where the latter had ceased. As people, we all need a certain level of help from each other to improve ourselves. In this situation, an partial man allows another partial individual to filter the problems and mistakes as much as possible with the wish of getting excellence, or at least, nearer to it.

A traditional example of this situation actually will mean having personal prejudice, variations in personality, different stages of current information and decoding capabilities in a individual that can effect the result of the research. There are many kinds of studies in which every single type is performed in a different way from the other, which means that restrictions and stumbling blocks are required during the procedure of studying. Methodical mistakes, although, causes inconsistency in results with regards to actual and approximated principles. Unique mistakes usually happen in choosing techniques or in performing reviews due to variations in showing dialects.

Trial and mistake techniques generally run the biggest threats of spot in studies. I had such an experience in performing one of my first studies during university. I was major a group of 6 individuals to perform a random research in flavored different variants of ice lotion. After a lot are invested on studies, we made the decision to filter the focused viewers. We had to pay attention to individuals between the age list of 15-45 restricted to 6 different variants of ice lotion. I would say it was quite boring projects as there were several issues; engaged determining which variants to buy, the age variety of the customers engaged etc. However, the actual difficulties that I noticed was the variations in a person's personality, working style and perceptive capabilities that type the biggest restrictions among us. There was clearly a deficiency of co-operation and deficiency of perfection no issue no hard we tried to provide and make up each other people's disadvantages. Although the research was finished efficiently in the end, it is quite apparent that certain important components are missing in the research. Therefore, we would not consider it as an perfect research done.

The second studies to validate there is a connection between epilepsy and monthly periods. There were 100 women members between the age groups of 13-45. It was found by one research group that during periods when females does not ovulate, they had 28% improves in chance of an epilepsy backslide. However, later this development was pushed by another research group that ovulation days does not have any immediate effect on epilepsy. There were space for questions and components of inaccuracy. My viewpoint provided a assisting judgment to the second group that epilepsy strikes were not straight connected to monthly periods simply because if it's confirmed actual, it will mean females are more likely to have epilepsy as in comparison to men. This will certainly results in another possible research to the unidentified.

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