Wednesday, February 15, 2012

On-Going Professional Education - Is It Really Necessary Or a Huge Waste of Productivity?

Every time an expert of nearly any market changes around there is a bureaucrat or organization contacting for more rules. Why you ask? Easy, because somewhere along the way someone created a concept, law, or management that didn't fit with truth, thus, there are those who would try to get around it, and they'll always discover away. So, the power then makes another concept, guidelines upon guidelines connecting up the limitless issues of a rattling dam developed for devastation. Okay so, let's discuss shall we?

Today, it seems that the normal expert is suffering from 10s of time of on-going knowledge specifications each and every one fourth, these time add up an restrict efficiency and increase the price for their customers, the customer, which the companies are apparently trying to secure. If you've ever study through some of this absurd content, you'd soon discover that it's just wordy company perform which hardly will do the job of market administration, nor does it quit any unfaithful in the market.

Do you keep in mind when you went to university and some children were always unfaithful, trying to get you to cough-up research notices, or look at your preparation, even duplicate your check answers? Well, these same children are evolved and they perform in these careers and the companies which implement them now, what can anyone anticipate. This seems to be how people function, they are naturally duplicate cats, duplicate machines, and they simulate what performs at any time they see it - so that will never modify.

Interestingly enough, while I was planning this item, I occurred by an exciting Op-Ed in the Walls Road Publication by Republican Spencer Bachus from Altlanta ga who also provides on the Home Panel on Economical Solutions. The content was titled; "Financial Experts, Cops Yourselves," which mentioned "the way to avoid more Madoff kind looting is for experts to management their own market," well, maybe so, and maybe not, as Madoff was managing also during an era when the market was managing itself, and also at once when the SEC and other companies and quasi-agency-industry companies were.

The actual issue I see is individual instinct, and we all know or should have known we can't management values, and witch-hunting, brain-washing, power motivated fear-like charges, and self-control won't modify that, not in the near-term without a brain-chip public networks on the internet all-the-time design. It's just not possible and it's not going to occur in your life-time and certainly not with the program we have in position now where experts are compensated in methods that are not always in the best attention of their customers - the program is defective, yes, people are defective too, but isn't that a given?

Now then, all this active perform of on-going knowledge isn't fixing any issues, actually it is resulting in more because now these experts have less a chance to do it right, are pressured to the factor they experience they have to 'cheat' to pay, and nothing has modified. Why am I not surprised? Please consider all this and think on it.

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